Planning a funeral

Planning Funeral Arrangments

Planning a funeral can be a challenging and emotional task, but with proper guidance, it can become a meaningful and respectful tribute to a loved one. We are here to support you through this important task but, below, we have compiled an overview of the steps that need to be followed. Our online Funeral Arrangement Form is also on this page for your convenience.

  1. Immediate Actions:

    • Notify the relevant authorities: When a death occurs, contact the local police (if applicable) or your doctor.
    • Engage a funeral director.
  2. Determine the Type of Funeral:

    • Burial or Cremation: Decide whether the deceased will be buried or cremated. 
    • Funeral Service Location: Choose the appropriate location for the funeral service, such as a funeral home, place of worship, cemetery chapel, or a non-traditional venue.
  3. Funeral Arrangements:

    • Funeral Service Format, Coffin or Casket Selection, Burial or Cremation, Funeral Notices and Invitations, Floral Arrangements, and memorialisation: Skinner Family Funerals is here to help you with these decisions.
  4. Legal and Administrative Matters:

    • Death Registration: Register the death with the relevant state or territory’s Births, Deaths, and Marriages office within a specified timeframe.
    • Funeral Permits and Documentation: Skinner Family Funerals is here to help you with these decisions.

Handy links

When someone dies in South Australia, the funeral director will normally register their death with Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) on behalf of the person’s family or friends. Deaths need to be registered within seven days of burial or cremation. 

To help you through the first steps of planning funeral arrangements, we have an online form that captures the inital round of information that let’s us help with the formal aspects of the funeral.

After many years of serving the local community, we have curated a wide selection of coffins and flowers to make your planning process easier. The button below will take you to a gallery for viewing the coffins and floral arrangements available.

Skinner Family Funerals has a longstanding relationship with Funeral Plan Management. Here is an overview a Prearranged Funeral Bond. If you’re interested in investing in a bond, contact us.

There are several organisations that provide support and resources for those grieving the loss of a loved one. These organisations offer counseling services, support groups, and information to help individuals navigate the grieving process.

Funeral Arrangement Form

Here is the Skinner Family Funerals online Funeral Arrangement Form. If you have any trouble filling this in, please feel free to contact us.